Benefits of Industrial/Commercial Epoxy Coatings

Epoxy coatings are commonly used on concrete flooring in commercial and industrial buildings. They are practical and can be decorative. They can actually be applied to both outdoor and indoor surfaces, although more commonly used indoors. They are perfect floor covering because they are hard, efficient, functional, and durable and can last for years of continuous use.

Epoxy coatings are used to protect new floors, update old floors, provide an attractive finish without the huge costs, and improve the durability of floors. They are usually used in hospitals and laboratories due to their sanitary yet skid-proof qualities. They also require less maintenance.

These coatings may also be used on timber, tiles, and metals. Surfaces treated with epoxy coating are expected to be resistant to acid reaction, dust, solvents, gasoline, grease, alkali, and thawing salts. Because of this, epoxy coatings are favored in industrial and commercial settings. Industrial/commercial epoxy coatings can even increase floor reflectivity by as much as three hundred percent.

High reflectivity is important in businesses because this helps them save money and energy because there is less need for additional lighting fixtures. A brighter workplace also makes employees more comfortable as well as encourages them to be more productive.

Epoxy coatings do not harm the environment either. This makes them favorable to people who are conscious about the environment. The coating also helps create a congenial, dust-free, and healthy work atmosphere. In fact, their levels of toxicity is near zero. Their chemical emissions are low; and in case of an accidental damage, they can be easily repaired.

In addition, Industrial/commercial epoxy coatings offer numerous benefits. They protect the floors against wear and tear, degeneration, damage, and chemical corrosion. They help improve the mechanical and physical properties of the floor. They are also economical as a quality of flooring that is inexpensive to purchase.
They can also withstand heavy foot traffic which is inevitable in industrial and commercial buildings. Each day, crowds of people come in and out of these buildings; so the flooring needs to be strong and sturdy in order to stay functional.

Epoxy coatings are also resistant to water and chemical spills. This makes cleanup easier and faster. Furthermore, they are resistant to fire or flame retardant. They can withstand heat up to two hundred degrees Celsius. This makes them ideal for commercial airline products, explosive production, storage areas, and fire escapes, as well.